My name is Sam Magnotto, and I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Environmental Studies. Though not an art major, I was granted permission to attend studio art classes every quarter during my time at UCSC.

During my junior year at college, I took a year off from school and moved to Florence, Italy. In Florence I lived with an exchange family and studied art intensively at the Academia d'Arte for two semesters. Living in one of the original art centers of the world was both incredibly inspirational and eye opening. At the Academia, the basic fundamentals of drawing and painting were stressed. Studying intensively there reinforced my primary artistic skills and enabled me to continue my work in various painting techniques with a stronger foundation.

After graduating from UCSC, and a few years of labor and wanderlust, I returned to school. I graduated with a B.S. in Nursing from Seattle University, and continue to work as a nurse to this day. I am also continuing to puruse my passion of painting and drawing, and have exhibited my artwork around the world; including shows in Washington, California, Colorado, Hawaii, and Italy. I currently reside on Maui, Hawaii, which provides me with constant inspiration for creating art.  

Since I was old enough to draw, art has always been the medium I use to portray views and emotions that words cannot express. To me art has been, and always will be, a subjective medium. As soon as I finish a piece, its interpretation becomes as diverse and multifaceted as the person viewing it. Art has the ability to say so much with so little, so I thank you for taking the time to listen. All thoughts, suggestions, and opinions are welcome and appreciated.

Peace, Sam


Instagram: @samagnotto


1999 New Work
Cowell Coffee Shop, Santa Cruz CA
2001 Student Exhibition (Group Show) Academia D'Arte, Florence Italy
2002 Group Show Porter Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
2003 What is Love? (Group) U.C.S.C. Women's Center, Santa Cruz CA
2004 Group Show Four Fifths Gallery, Breckenridge CO
2005 New Work (Solo Show) Cafe Vita, Seattle WA
2005 New Work (Solo Show) Cafe Pergatory, Seattle WA
2005 Student Invitational Exhibition The M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery, Seattle WA
2005 Faces (Solo Show) Kay's Hair Salon, Seattle WA
2005-on In-House Collection The Hideout, Seattle WA
2005 What I Learned This Summer (Solo) Retail Therapy, Seattle WA
2006 Student Invitational Exhibition (Group) Vachon Fine Arts Gallery, Seattle WA
2006 New Work (Solo) Cafe Septieme, Seattle WA
2006 Faces 2 (Solo) Kay's Hair Salon, Seattle, WA
2006 New Work (Solo) Salon Lotus, Seattle, WA
2007 Student Invitational Exhibition (Group) Vachon Fine Arts Gallery, Seattle WA
2007 Scenery (Solo) Arosa Cafe, Seattle WA
2007 Artbysam (Solo) Laced Up, Seattle WA
2008 Apocalypse Now! (Group) Ouch My Eye Gallery, Seattle WA
2009 Subs (Solo) Other Coast Cafe, Seattle WA
2009 New Work (Solo) Bluebird Cafe, Seattle WA
2010 Alumni Art Show (Group) Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, Seattle WA
2011 Harborview Staff Fine Art Exhibition (Group) Harborview Medical Center, Seattle WA
2012 New Work (Solo) Boom Noodle, Seattle WA
2012 Harborview Staff Fine Art Exhibition (Group) Harborview Medical Center, Seattle WA
2013 Jump on Board (Group) Sammamish City Hall, Sammamish WA
2015 Solo Mural Banyan Tree Park, Wailuku, HI
2016 Hawaiian Inspirations (Solo) Wailuku Coffee Co., Wailuku HI
2016 Wailuku Creative Co. (Group) Wailuku Coffee Co., Wailuku HI

Published Works

  2002                The Fish Rap Live

  2006                Fragments Arts and Literary Magazine     ( Annual Publication)

  2006                The Vital 5 Review Vol. 1 Issue 3

  2007                Fragments Arts and Literary Magazine      (Annual Publication)

Private Collections

    Susan Harris household collection, Bainbridge Island WA

    Giuseppe Pezzano household collection, Bainbridge Island WA

    Nick Soman Faulkner household collection, San Francisco CA

    Scott Lieberman household collection, San Francisco CA

    Charles Demonet household collection, Long Beach CA

    Paul Magnotto household collection, Bellevue WA

    Jennifer Ozawa household collection, Bellingham WA

    Katie Pearl household collection, Seattle WA

    Jerry Davis household collection, Seattle WA

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